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Volume Recovery

Formatted Disk Recovery If you've lost a partition or hard drive due to format, ghost or other means, VirtualLab's powerful recovery engine can search and rebuild partitions and entire disks that are otherwise lost. Even if the disk does not show up in the explorer, VirtualLab scans and recovers volumes to get your data back quickly. Even if your drive was formatted and you forgot to get that "file" you just remembered... VirtualLab is your best bet to get that data back. VirtualLab is able to scan your drive and show you the partitions still on your drive and displays a list of what was found and the files in each. There's no cost to try it!

Volume Recover lost or delete partitions, or formatted disks

A quick glace at VirtualLab's Drive Recovery and Partition Scanning Features. VirtualLab will even suggest the partition that's most likely the one you are looking for.

VirtualLab is able to scan for formatted, corrupted or erased FAT and NFTS Partitions and let you find the one that contains your data. Switch between partitions to find the data your are looking for. Use our powerful search functions to find the files you need quickly or recover the entire hard drive. It's easy with VirtualLab.

With other products, you have to choose between as many as 5 different versions! VirtualLab contains all the data recovery features you need to recover your data in one product. VirtualLab is like a Data Recovery Lab all in one, user friendly application.

With over 6 Million Downloads, VirtualLab is the No. 1 Data Recovery Product for recovering your formatted drives, corrupted partitions and even ghosted volumes. Try it today and see the results for free. Download Now.

All our products are spyware and adware free. Guaranteed.

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